What is U.S. Standard Products’ mission?

To provide American industry with some of the highest quality products available and to give back to the people that most deserve it by supporting those less fortunate individuals and their families with the financial and personal commitment they so richly deserve.


What kinds of products are available?

Industrial, safety, and construction supplies.


How can I order products?

Call us at (844) 877-1700.


Can I order online?

Yes. Please visit our store at https://us-standard-products.myshopify.com/


Where can I find more information on proper safety procedures for my workplace?

Please visit our safety blog at http://usstandardproducts-blog.com/

Throughout a broad cross-section of industries, everything we sell to our clients and customers passes through our rigorous testing system to make certain that everything is among the finest and most cost efficient options available anywhere. Quality is the unifying signature in all that is recommended and delivered by U.S. Standard. 

Equally important, we are a charitable company, committed to our troops, our vets and to children struggling against handicaps. We want nothing more than to give them the chance to live happy lives and to pursue The American Dream. To reflect this, a portion of our revenue is set aside for charitable giving to our worthy Charitable Partners.